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Spiral cut “nu bie” lao sausage from @nuktchn cooked on wood chunks.  Some sticky rice, jeow maklen (tomato chutney), Prik Nam Pla (soaked thai chili in fish sauce), basil red curry dipping sauce and a bed of sprouts/thai basil.

tom ma hoong (papaya salad)

made with the finest of fermented ingredients, everyone loooves this asian delicacy. made to share!

Larb (Savory Minced Beef Salad)

Salty, spicy and tangy with a rich range of herbs. As hot as you like it and evened out with kaffir lime.

Sauces of SE Asia

Laos and Thailand are known for their very spicy and wonderful dipping sauces (know as jeow). When itcomes to jeow, the only limitation is the imagination of the chef.

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